Oakes Ventilator Management Pocket Guide

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Perfect Binding (softcover book) 
2016 (4th) Edition
ISBN: 978-0-932-887-47-4

Dana Oakes, RRT-NPS
Scot Jones, RRT-ACCS 
Sean Shortall, RRT

This book is an incredible bedside companion for ventilator management.  What do you need at the bedside? Are you looking for the basics of parameters and initiation of the ventilator? More interested in the most comprehensive modes available on the market? Noninvasive ventilation? Critical care calculations? You'll find it all and much more in this best-selling pocket guide.  

Key Reasons to Own this Pocket Guide: 

  • It is the authoritative guide on modes ... both technical information and "real" language descriptions 
  • Evidence-based support for managing many diseases and disorders 
  • Critical care calculations ... P/F, OI, IBW, and well beyond 
  • Comprehensive information on managing noninvasive ventilation 
Chapter 1 Ventilator Indications and Goals
Chapter 2  Parameters and Operation
Chapter 3 Modes of Ventilation
Chapter 4 Initial Settings
Chapter 5 Assessment and Troubleshooting
Chapter 6 Waveform Graphics
Chapter 7 Equations
Chapter 8 Management
Chapter 9 Noninvasive Ventilation
Chapter 10  Disease Management
Chapter 11 Effects and Cautions
Chapter 12 Discontinuation (Weaning)

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