Neonatal/Pediatric Respiratory Simulations: Student License/Workbook



Workbook (softcover)
2018 (1st) Edition
ISBN: 978-0-932-887-27-6

Scot Jones
Sherry Whiteman
Caleb Lewis 
Janice Dunaway
Glenda Pippin


Important!  This book is primarily intended for schools/facilities who use manikin-type simulation (so most people purchase this only if instructed to by a professor).  This book does NOT directly prepare you for the Clinical Simulation Exam.  

If you choose to purchase regardless, please note that answers are NOT included for the student editions.  Please contact us if you need answers (you will have to fill out a form certifying you are not a student using as part of a class).  

Manikin-Based Simulation, whether done on a high-fidelity manikin, using limited equipment like CPR torsos and a whiteboard or even as an integrated class discussion (in-person or through conferencing like Zoom) is an incredibly powerful way to learn.  


  • A neonate is born in distress.  What do you do? 
  • An asthmatic is not responding to a short-acting beta-agonist.  What do you do? 

  • These are just some of the questions you'll be able to answer after going through the simulations. 

    Instructors:  Please contact us if you would like a free adult simulation (all components need) to try out.  


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