Oakes' Neonatal/Pediatric Pocket Guide (2017 Edition)

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 Perfect Binding (softcover book) 

2017 (7th) edition
408 pages 
ISBN:  978-0-932-887-54-2

Dana Oakes, RRT-NPS
Scot Jones, RRT-ACCS 

There's little as critical as caring for infants and children.  This book, rewritten by a team of 60+ Respiratory Therapists and Physicians, is a whole new authority on everything related to respiratory care.  PLUS it includes detailed information on neonatal resuscitation (NRP), neonatal transport (STABLE), and Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS).  It is an incredible resource at an incredible price.  

Chapter 1 Neonatal Resuscitation
Chapter 2  Neonatal Assessment
Chapter 3 Neonatal Diseases and Disorders
Chapter 4 Neonatal Ventilation
Chapter 5 Neonatal Procedures
Chapter 6 Transport
Chapter 7 Pharmacology
Chapter 8 Pediatric Resuscitation
Chapter 9 Pediatric Assessment
Chapter 10  Pediatric Diseases and Disorders
Chapter 11 Pediatric Ventilation
Chapter 12 Pediatric Procedures

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