Oakes Respiratory Care Pocket Guide (9th edition)

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Binding: Softcover (978-0-932-887-58-0)
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This is an OLD EDITION

There is a new edition (10th) available. We do have copies in stock for schools that haven't had a chance to update yet, but we strongly recommend purchasing the 10th edition. 


9th Edition Chapters

Chapter 1 Patient Assessment
Chapter 2  ABG 
Chapter 3 Chest Imaging 
Chapter 4 ECG Interpretation
Chapter 5 Laboratory Tests
Chapter 6 Pulmonary Function Testing
Chapter 7 Pulmonary Dynamics
Chapter 8 Cardiovascular Dynamics
Chapter 9 Equations
Chapter 10  Respiratory Procedures
Chapter 11 Respiratory Diseases
Chapter 12 Pharmacology
Chapter 13 Resuscitation

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