Oakes Respiratory Care Pocket Guide (9th edition)

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Special Notice: The 10th Edition is on the way (a major edition update). We anticipate it being available around May 1, 2021. Any 9th edition purchased on 3/15 or after will be available for an upgrade (you will need to pay separate shipping) once the new book arrives by calling our office (after May 1st). Pre-Orders will be announced once we confirm an arrival date.

Imagine being able to carry every textbook, journal, and professional guideline to the patient bedside.  Imagine making confident guided decisions for the patient in distress.  While it is nearly impossible to remember everything, it is very possible to carry a second brain with you.

Oakes Respiratory Care Pocket Guide is just that.  We have taken tens of thousands of pages of resources, evidence, and guidelines and we have summarized them into just what you need to know.  It's like carrying the answer key to real-life exams. 

Our best-selling pocket guide (#1) fits in your pocket.  It has a great durable binding to keep the pages together. It's in color.  Oh, and we update it regularly. 

Oakes Respiratory Care Pocket Guide is the real deal -- around since the early 1980s, now in its 9th edition.  

Chapter 1 Patient Assessment
Chapter 2  ABG 
Chapter 3 Chest Imaging 
Chapter 4 ECG Interpretation
Chapter 5 Laboratory Tests
Chapter 6 Pulmonary Function Testing
Chapter 7 Pulmonary Dynamics
Chapter 8 Cardiovascular Dynamics
Chapter 9 Equations
Chapter 10  Respiratory Procedures
Chapter 11 Respiratory Diseases
Chapter 12 Pharmacology
Chapter 13 Resuscitation

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