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1-Year Edition Guarantee

If a new edition comes out within 1-year of your purchase, you get the new edition for free (just pay shipping). 

Your Opportunity to Have it All.

The Build-a-Bundle is our most popular item for a reason.  It guarantees you start with all 7 of our pocket and instructional guides.  Add to that bundle of happiness the possibility of additional savings with test preparation (you can even pause it if you're not quite ready to study for the NBRC exams), or get the whole enchilada when you add simulations (recommended for students who are using this as part of a curriculum). 

Did you know? A bundle with all our pocket guides PLUS test prep is still LESS than most other test prep options out there - a commitment to keeping things affordable wherever we can.

One Bundle, a Gazillion Answers. 

The Core Bundle

Bookstores: Please contact us for ISBN for specific bundles. 

All Bundles include ALL 7 Titles at a core rate of $99.99 (that's just over $10/title!) 

 Title Normal Price
Oakes Respiratory Care Pocket Guide $24.99
Oakes Neonatal/Pediatric Pocket Guide $22.99
Oakes Ventilator Management Pocket Guide $22.99
Oakes Hemodynamic Pocket Guide $22.99
Oakes Hemodynamic Study Guide $12.99

Oakes ABG Pocket Guide
Oakes ABG Instructional Guide 


Total Normal Price


Bundle Price


Savings of


>ADD Test Prep 

Everything you need to prepare for the exam (practice questions, content review, test tips ... we have a 99% pass rate!) 

  • Therapist Multiple Choice (TMC) exam 
  • Adult Critical Care Specialist (ACCS) exam 
  • Neonatal/Pediatric Specialist (NPS) exam

Normal Price: $99.99 for 6-mos membership
Special Bundle Price: $59.99 ($40 off!) 

Oh, and feel free to Pause your Test Prep - start whenever you are ready (just email us)


>ADD Simulation Workbooks 

Includes both workbooks 

Individually $19.99 for each workbook 

That's a value of $39.98 for 40 manikin-based simulations 

Note:  This is NOT Clinical Simulation testing prep, it is for manikin-based simulations



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