Oakes' Neonatal/Pediatric Respiratory Pocket Guide (2023 edition)

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Edition:   8th, Paperback
Year:        2023 
ISBN:       978-0-932887-65-8

Authors:  Scot Jones, Dana Oakes
TItle:        Oakes' Neonatal/Pediatric Respiratory Pocket Guide 


Far from a mini text book, this is a carefully crafted, page-by-page, clinical support tool, ensuring accurate bedside information, current clinical guidelines, and a tool for staying a step ahead in providing expert guidance in clinical assessment and management. 

The 2023 version has been extensively redesigned to be cleaner, more meaningfully colorized, and clearly organized. Finding information is fingertip intuitive, with a carefully expanded and meaningful index.

The Neonatal/Pediatric Pocket Guide has been an incredible resource for students, Respiratory Therapists, and beyond, for a reason. Carefully condensed and summarized, this book contains what you need at the bedside, from neonatal and pediatric clinical assessment, including respiratory distress, to complex invasive and noninvasive ventilator management, including parameters, modes (conventional and advanced), and weaning. 

Neonatal and pediatric diseases have been updated to reflect the latest guidelines (CF Foundation, GINA, etc.) 

Pharmacology has been updated extensively with careful neonatal and pediatric considerations - more than ever! 

Whether you are a student who wants to learn neo/peds, a Respiratory Therapist who provides occasional care to neonates and children, or a Neonatal/Pediatric Specialist at a Children's Hospital, this pocket-sized resource will support you well. 

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