Oakes' Respiratory Care Pocket Guide

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10th Edition

ISBN: 978-0-932-887-64-1

The 10th edition is a completely reimagined version of the iconic "blue book," in print for 40+ years. This pocket guide has exactly what you need to know at the bedside, whether a student or a seasoned Respiratory Therapist. Perfectly condensed and incredibly simplified, it is the reference you will carry with you long into your career. 

From basics like patient assessment and ECG rhythms ... to clinical references like chest physiotherapy and continuous nebulizers. From the management of diseases and disorders to finding that needed equation. This book is the perfect bedside companion. 

Overview Table of Contents (by chapter)

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1: Clinical Assessment

  • Expanded and Rewritten!
  • New! Head-to-Toe Assessment
  • New! Expanded Vital Signs Pages
  • New! Expanded Auscultation Guides
  • New! Thoracic Diagrams
  • New! Section on Dyspnea

2: Acid-Base

  • New! Normal Arterial versus Venous Values
  • New! Sections on Respiratory and Metabolic Acidosis vs. Alkalosis

3: Chest Imaging

  • New! CT Scan Overview
  • New! MRI Scan Overview
  • New! Thoracic Ultrasound Overview

4: Labs and Cultures

  • Expanded and Rewritten!
  • New! Sputum Characteristics

5: Pulmonary Dynamics

  • Expanded and Simplified!

6: Pulmonary Function Testing

  • New! Components of PFTs
  • New! Respiratory Parameters

7: Hemodynamics

  • New! Blood Flow Through the Heart
  • New! Catheters/Lines Overview
  • New! Right vs. Left Heart Failure

8: Cardiac Monitoring

  • New! 12-Lead and 15-Lead ECGs placement
  • New! Labeled ECG and Explanations
  • New! Steps of Interpretation
  • New! ECG Paper explanation
  • New! Cardiac Ischemia

9: Respiratory Therapies

  • New! Procedures for Various Aerosol Devices
  • New! Continuous Bronchodilator Procedures
  • New! Modified Mallampati Scores
  • New! Expanded Trach Troubleshooting
  • New! AAO-HNS Capping and Decannulation Algorithm
  • New! Expanded Suctioning Pressures/Sizing
  • New! Transcutaneous Monitoring
  • New! Hypoxemia Signs by Severity
  • New! Oxygen Targets
  • New! Gases Other than Oxygen Table

10: Diseases and Disorders

  • New! Improved, Cleaner Layout
  • Nearly Every Disease Updated
  • New! Acute Coronary Syndrome
  • New! Cystic Fibrosis
  • New! Drug Overdose
  • New! Heart Failure completely rewritten
  • New! Immunocompromised
  • New! Traumas Section
  • New! Viral Infections (including COVID)
  • Expanded and Updated Asthma (now 9 pages!)
  • Expanded and Updated COPD (now 9 pages!)

11: Pharmacology

  • Extensively Reorganized and Updated
  • 18 Pages Added!
  • Simplified Explanations
  • New! Expanded Abbreviations
  • New! Receptors Overview
  • New! Ultra Long-Acting Beta Agonists
  • New Short vs Long-Acting Muscarinic Antagonists

12: Resuscitation

  • Updated and Clarified

13: Equations

  • Extensively Simplified, Fewer Equation Derivatives
  • New! Clinical Applications for each Equation

Back Pages

  • Even More Abbreviations
  • Re-imagined Conversions Section
  • + Most Detailed Index Ever

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