Hemodynamic Monitoring Pocket Guide

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Perfect Binding (softcover book) 

2017 (6th) Edition
ISBN:  978-0-932-887-56-6

Dana Oakes, RRT-NPS
Scot Jones, RRT-ACCS 

Everything you need to know about hemodynamics ... in your pocket! 

Hemodynamics can be challenging to interpret and understand.  Most clinicians want a deeper understanding, especially within the critical care setting.  Within the context of good patient assessment, hemodynamics tell a deeper story about what's going on.  This Pocket Guide contains everything you need to know at the bedside to have a command of the hemodynamic parameters and how to interpret the information.  From Oxygen Delivery to Arterial Lines, from Central Lines to Pulmonary Artery Lines, you'll find information on insertion, monitoring, waveforms, values, and interpretation guides.  

Selected Highlights

  • Noninvasive and invasive parameters
  • Incredible summary tables for finding information quickly
  • Everything you need to know about A-Lines, Central Lines, Pulmonary Artery Catheters
  • 50+ pages of disease-specific hemodynamic changes, including major sections on shock and heart disease
Chapter 1 Hemodynamic Parameters
Chapter 2  Cardiopulmonary Physiology
Chapter 3 Blood Sampling
Chapter 4 Central Venous Pressure (CVP)
Chapter 5 Pulmonary Artery Pressure (PAP)
Chapter 6 Cardiac Output Monitoring
Chapter 7 Circulatory Assist-Counterpulsation Technique (IABPs)
Chapter 8 Disease-Related Alterations in Cardiopulmonary Function

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